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Recapture issue is on the ballot through May 6

Saturday, April 22nd the Harris County Democratic Party hosted an extremely informative Funding the Future Forum on the Houston Independent School District (HISD) Recapture ballot initiative at Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Please be aware that early voting starts today! Early Voting will be from April 24th until May 2nd and Election Day is May 6th.

The local branch of the NAACP in a statement said that voters in Houston are not accustomed to having May elections so please tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to go vote. Below is a link to the early voting locations as well as a link to HISD that gives additional information on the issue for your review.

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Passage of Sanctuary Cities by Texas House is A declaration of Racism toward Latinos and a disaster for Texas economy

“It is incredible that Governor Abbott and Texas legislators Are trying to eliminate the ability of elected officials’ to decide what are the best policies for their respective communities. This is an encroachment on the local control of elected officials who campaigned and were elected on their policy ideas and agenda.

The idea of the governor to take away funds that are used to go after drug traffickers, gun runners, money launders, human traffickers, etc. from local law enforcement leaders will actually make Texas and the USA less safe! Especially when independent study after independent study has proven that the increased deportation efforts did not reduce the crime rate!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a pathway to citizenship remains the true solution to our illegal immigration problems.”

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The ‘anti-sanctuary city’ bill passed on a party-line vote of 93-54.


Austin, Texas – Today, Senate Bill 4 passed to engrossment on a vote of 93-54 after close to 16 hours of impassioned testimony.

Members of the Texas House Democratic Caucus, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, and Texas Legislative Black Caucus proposed numerous improving amendments and raised multiple points of order against the bill, but the course of the debate was largely steered by the Republican Caucus and its overwhelming majority.

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez issued the following statement regarding the debate and vote:

“The young children who testified in opposition to SB 4 before the House Committee on State Affairs returned for today’s floor debate.

“They arrived in the early morning to share their heartfelt stories with members who support SB 4, trying to appeal to their humanity. The children were blatantly ignored.

“I understand that many Republican members face pressure to cast votes in violation of their consciences. Speaking with those children, though, you get a sense of the awesome responsibility that we have as elected members of the Texas House of Representatives.

“Placing one’s selfish interest in reelection ahead of doing the right thing is worse than a good-faith vote for SB 4.

“I feel scared, sad, confused and angry along with all immigrant children tonight. My colleagues voted to condemn them to a life of fear and uncertainty, to hiding in the shadows and dreading the day their parents don’t come home from work. Worse, my colleagues wouldn’t even give them the time of day.

“I’ve opposed SB 4 from the beginning, using my voice to advocate for local control over policing policy from my district in Austin to the national stage. I refuse to be civil or ‘agree to disagree’ on SB 4 because the stakes are much too high.”

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Houston black realtors sponsor community housing expo

HOUSTON –  Black real estate professionals are geared up to focus the nation’s attention on building Black wealth through homeownership. Realtist Week, April 22-29, 2017, established by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) in the early 1970s spotlights the important role Black homeownership plays in strengthening and stabilizing communities with a particular focus on the revitalization and desirability of the nation’s urban neighborhoods.

Throughout the country, NAREB’s local chapters are scheduling community events and activities that engage social, civic and business organizations, as well as the Black church community as part of NAREB’s focused effort to Build Black Wealth through Homeownership.  See attached Realtist Week agenda and Operations Red Day for Houston.

“NAREB has taken on the charge to encourage Black Americans to purchase homes as the first step toward building wealth. We have always aspired to be homeowners and live the American Dream.  Now is the time for us to turn that aspiration into reality; for ourselves, our families and for our future generations,” said Ron Cooper, NAREB president.

Black homeownership has been on a steady decline since 2004 when it reached its peak of nearly 50%.  Today, the Black homeownership rate hovers nationally, just below 42% compared to the non-Hispanic white homeownership rate of just above 72%.

“Our Realtist Week events in over 30 cities and more than 21 states demonstrates NAREB is at the forefront of Building Black Wealth Through Homeownership in the country,” stated Antoine M. Thompson, national executive director for NAREB.  Realtist Week also serves as a showcase for NAREB’s new 2 Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years program initiated to reverse the wealth drain among Black Americans.

In Houston, Realtist Week activities heighten the community’s and policymakers’ awareness about the importance of affordable homeownership. Events started on last Saturday with “Walk The Talk” and Sunday with special church worship services and continue events at local schools, meetings with local officials, community service projects, and concluding on Saturday, April 29 with “Operation Red Day”, a community housing expo, being held at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Consumers can talk with financial education specialists; mortgage lenders; housing counselors; insurance experts, and representatives from local government to learn about first-time homebuyer and available down payment assistance programs.

For more detailed information about Realtist Week activities in Houston, call 713-551-2092 or . For more information on the Houston Black Real Estate Association contact the president, Kim Barnes-Henson at 713-742-2424 or We thank you in advance for your support and participation. We look forward to hearing from you.