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Gabe Canales
Blue Cure Foundation

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Internationally accomplished philanthropist, author and art patron Dr. Carolyn Farb, hc and Blue Cure Foundation Founder and President,Gabe Canales, co-chaired The Fred and Mabel R. Parks Inaugural Lectureship Series event.

The luncheon and silent auction took place on Friday, September 27, 2013 at the Hotel ZaZa Houston. NBC KHOU News Anchor Dominique Sachse did a masterful job as Mistress of Ceremonies. The program
flowed smoothly and enjoyably. Dr. Rod Paige received the Inaugural Blue Cure Foundation Award for his extraordinary service to our country as one of the finest individuals who began his brilliant career as a
classroom teacher, advancing to become Houston Independent School District Superintendent,and serving as the 7
the United States Secretary of Education. Henceforth, the annual Blue Cure Award will be named in honor of Dr. Rod Paige,who is a member of the Blue Cure Foundation Board and a prostate cancer survivor. At the event, guests wished “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Paige on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Gabe Canales, also a prostate cancer survivor, introduced guest speaker Dr. Margaret Cuomo,MD, author of
A World Without Cancer, who provided a look at how profit, personalities, and politics obstruct real progress toward prevention, cure of the disease, and what individuals can do to live a cancer-free life.
Blue Cure educates families and their loved ones with the knowledge of healthier dietary and
lifestyle habits to significantly become proactive in the war against all cancers- especially prostate cancer. Today in the United States, one out of two men is diagnosed with cancer; one
out of three women is diagnosed with cancer; and one out of four Americans die due to some
form of cancer. Yet, according to the National Cancer Institute, more than half of all cancers are

Blue Cure’s mission is to prevent cancer before it begins and to reach a younger generation with the life-saving message of prevention. Some of the guests and supporters in attendance were fashion designer Jonathan Blake, Mary and Tony Gracely, Vern Montross of Bernstein Global Management, Reverend and Mrs. Joe Samuel Ratliff of Brentwood Baptist Church, Jonathan Pursch of Frost Bank, Deborah M. Colton, Betty Hrncir, Minute Maid’s Fred Arnold, Ben Hall III and Saundra Hall, Beth Wolff and
Ed Wolff, Dr. Robert Ivany, Maidie Ryan, Dr. Jack Christie, Lily and Charles Foster, Sylvia and
Gordon Quan, Jose and Daphne Rincon, David and Alviz Sierra, Jim McClellan of the Fred and
Mabel R. Parks Foundation, Peter Remington, Brad Deutser, Elizabeth and Glenn Howard,
Winell Herron of H-E-B, Brandon and Cindi Coleman, Thomas and Anna Au of Poung Au
Design, and Lee Slataper. Contributions were made in honor of Dr. Paige from the Edythe and Eli Broad Foundation, Richard Weekly, and the Fant Foundation.

Magic happened when Judge Eric Andell stopped in to auction the singular Live Auction item- a
three-night, four-day all-inclusive trip for two to Merida, Mexico, at the Presidente
Intercontinental Merida Hotel (including golfing, green fees, and round-trip airfare from
Aeromexico, donated by Patricia Herrera in memory of her late husband, Rafael, who lost his
brave battle to prostate cancer). Initially, George Mickelis of the iconic Cleburne Cafeteria was
the high bidder on the package at $4,000 and generously passed it back for re-auction; then
Elizabeth Howard won it for $3,500 and also passed it back; the final winning bid of the package
went to MD Anderson urologist, Dr. John Papadopoulos, who bid $3,000, bringing the grand
total to $10,500.

Auction items included, a photograph by Jay Rusovich, donated by Deborah Colton Gallery.
Other items included: “Blue Cure Boot” painting by artist Billy Miller, two personally inscribed
copies of Decision Points by President George W. Bush; four tickets to the Houston Texans vs.
New England Patriots game donated by NFL Texans Pro Bowl Player Chris Myers and wife Jenny; a Corner Table three-course dinner for 10; a Q Clothier custom made sport coat; and a Billy Reid canvas tote bag, among others. High-bidders Damian and Jessica Garza were delighted to take home the BellaVetra Van Gogh hand-cut mosaic tile of Armand Roulin. In a letter written to Dr. Rod Paige by President George W. Bush in Blue Cure’s tribute and read aloud by co-chair Carolyn Farb, the President thanked everyone for their efforts to increase prostate cancer awareness, prevention and promote healthy living.

Guests lunched on a specially created menu from ZaZa Chef Jeff Axline – divine and healthy –
punctuated by a chocolate flourless cake with a Chambord-raspberry coulis sprinkled with
berries. In true Carolyn Farb style, no detail was overlooked from the enchanting pale blue hydrangeas in crystal bowls donated by Kroger to the black chiavari chairs and linens by Distinctive Details.

Dr. Carolyn Farb stated, “I became involved with the Blue Cure Foundation when I met Gabe Canales. He is an amazing individual and prostate cancer survivor who has almost single handedly created this lifestyle prostate cancer movement which focuses on prevention, education, and support. The generous outpouring of support from our community has given this young organization the wings to fly and touched hearts.”

Gabe Canales asserted, “There is a difference between raising awareness and changing the way
people think. We’re empowering and educating men (and the women that love them!) with
life-saving information.”

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Ben Hall Invites Ms. Parker To Join Him In Ethics Reform


(Houston, TX) – Today, mayoral candidate Ben Hall sent a letter to Ms. Annise Parker inviting her to join him in supporting a comprehensive reform package to eradicate the corrupt pay-to-play practices rampant in the City of Houston. Following last week’s discovery of Ms. Parker handing out $65 million in taxpayer funded contracts in exchange for $1 million in political campaign contributions this election cycle, it is clear that something must be done to stop this corrupt behavior.

Hall has outlined a 10-point ethics plan and has pledged his commitment to end pay-to-play. Ms. Parker has remained silent on this issue and has failed to bring forward meaningful solutions. For the good of all Houstonians, the Hall campaign encourages Ms. Parker to join us in support of these proposals.

The letter is attached and included below along with the new ethics rules to end corruption at City Hall. Now we wait for Ms. Parker to break her silence on at least one issue relevant to Houstonians this election.

October 2, 2013

Mayor Annise Parker,

It is evident that the City of Houston has become victim to rampant pay-to-play practices. This corrupt behavior should not be tolerated at any level of government. We must set an example here in Houston and open up the doors of City Hall to all Houstonians and foster a transparent process so that taxpayers are kept fully aware of how their tax dollars are being spent.

It is shameful for any individual or business to contribute money to a candidate and receive a lucrative reward in return. I believe that we must hold all our elected officials to the highest ethical standards.

Last week I committed to supporting policies that will eradicate these corrupt pay-to-play practices. I invite you to join me in supporting this comprehensive reform package that will increase transparency and remove the corrupt element. These policies include:

1.     Two-year moratorium on accepting campaign contributions after vendors receive city contracts.
2.     Two-year moratorium on accepting campaign contributions from municipal appointees.
3.     A candidate may not accept any contributions over $250.00 from an officer, director, or employee of a city contractor.
4.     When a contract is awarded or a person appointed, all campaign contributions given by that individual and/or company during the previous municipal election cycle must be disclosed immediately.
5.     Two-year moratorium on any city employees registering as a lobbyist or working for a lobbying firm.
6.     Require lobbyists to file reports and create a searchable online database showing information like names of companies they lobby for, amount paid, amount spent, amount spent on contributions, etc.
7.     No gifts will be accepted by the Mayor within the six months preceding an election.
8.     Create a searchable online database of city contracts awarded by all departments.
9.     Create a searchable city check register available online.
10.  Increased accountability through improving search capability for ethics reports.

I have enclosed these new ethics rules and my signature as a formal commitment to the implementation of these policies. I believe it would be in the best interest of all Houstonians for you to join me in support.


Benjamin L. Hall, III


Pol. Adv. Paid for by All for Hall Committee, William A. Lawson and Alvin Zimmerman, Treasurers. 4669 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77027


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Blame the Comic, get your laugh on

By Sheila Ray-Reed, Lifestyle EditorThe Houston Sun


Blame the Comic

Blame the Comic

“Blame the Comic” born Marion Stafford, is a hometown sensation making strides across the country with his humor.  Raised in Houston, Blame said he always knew he had the gift to make people laugh.  After completing a bachelors’ degree in Communications Media Production, at the University of Houston, Blame felt there was something more out there for him.  While at a car dealership one day he ran into a comedian who recognized his talent for laugher.   The fellow comic asked Blame to come out one evening and join him on stage.

Seizing the moment of amateur night, Blame grabbed the microphone, went on stage, and has not stopped since.  Using stories of his childhood, current events and his quiet wit for Improv,  Blame has turned what he thought were basic experiences into autobiographical satirical humor that depict life for today’s generation.  “Richard Pryor was one of the greats and is legendary.  I have much respect for his craft but I am drawn to the likes of Martin Lawrence, Jaime Foxx and David Spade,” he said.

Amid his talent for quick satirical ad-libbing, Blame is an impressive comedic writer of skit comedy and stand-up routine.  His YouTube videos showcase some of his remarkable variations of comedy. Whatever technique is into play, it all goes back to his audience.

“When I perform, I am thoroughly in-tune with my audience.  I want to give them the best.  I remember seeing a lady in the audience who had recently come to a set I had just performed.  My first thought was will she be receptive if I used some of my same material?  Then, I thought she is back for more and undoubtedly enjoyed the first set.  I guess it’s like hearing a good sermon twice,” he said.

Sharing the stage with various other talents such as Bill Bellamy and Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Blame is quickly taking over co-hosting duties while on tour with Nephew Tommy.  His ability to appeal to the audience as well as his camaraderie with other comics has allowed him to excel.

Now being hailed as one of the leaders for the new generation of up and coming comics, Blame exemplifies dedication to making people laugh.  With his stand-up and television appearances and visions of authoring and producing, Blame is turning his talent into an empire that will unfold laughter into entrepreneurism.

In a personal project, Blame has a non-profit foundation called Humor for Hope. It is aimed at helping young people build self esteem through humor and laugher in sketch comedy portraying the social impact and influence of believing in one’s self and dreams despite circumstances.

Blame is currently on tour.  Check his website www.blamethecomic for venues and dates.

He does have a standing engagement in Houston the third Saturday of each month at the De Joint Comedy Club.

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NNPA-Texas Southern sign Internship MOU

Publisher Bobby Henry, Sr. Westside-Gazzsette, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Dr. John Rudley, president Texas Southern University, NNPA Chairman Clovis Campbell, Arizona Informant, Phoenix, AZ; Publisher Dorris Ellis Robinson, The Houston Sun and Publisher Jacequeline Hampton, Mississippi Link. Henry, Dorris Ellis Robinson and Hampton are members of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities NNPA Initiative committee with Henry and Dorris Ellis Robinson as co-chairs.
Publisher Bobby Henry, Sr. Westside-Gazzsette, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Dr. John Rudley, president Texas Southern University, NNPA Chairman Clovis Campbell, Arizona Informant, Phoenix, AZ; Publisher Dorris Ellis Robinson, The Houston Sun and Publisher Jacequeline Hampton, Mississippi Link. Henry, Dorris Ellis Robinson and Hampton are members of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities NNPA Initiative committee with Henry and Dorris Ellis Robinson as co-chairs.

By:D J Mickey- The Houston Sun

WASHINGTON, DC — The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) committee made momentous history for the future of the media industry when it signed an internship Memorandum of Understanding with Texas Southern University’s President, Dr. John Rudley, the President of the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Council of Presidents during the NNPA Board meeting in Washington, DC on September 19. The MOU outlined collaboration strategies to advance journalism and business initiatives through the use and training of interns who are pursuing careers in the media, communications and business. Students will work with editors and publishers in print, digital, film and social media along with marketing, design and event planning. The university’s  School of Communication and the Jesse H. Jones School of Business will supply the interns and monitor their progress.

Participating in the signing was Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D. TX 18th). Lee praised NNPA for its vision for the nation’s college students and thanked NNPA Chairman Clovis Campbell, Jr., publisher Arizona Informant;  her constituent and  Co-chairperson, Dorris Ellis Robinson, publisher The Houston Sun, Co-chair Bobby R. Henry, publisher of the Westside Gazette, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Chairman of NNPA/HBCU Initiative, and Jacqueline Hampton, publisher of Mississippi Link  and NNPA/HBCU committee member for designing the initiative whereby students will benefit.

Speaking with pride, Rudley said, “I am proud that Texas Southern University is the first to sign such an important MOU with NNPA as it will help our students learn and provide international access to further opportunities by engaging in this effort.” He continued by saying that the collaboration will expand and reach into   the other SWAC  Member Schools (10)

Alabama A&M University“Bulldogs”

Huntsville,   AL

Alabama State University“Hornets”

Montgomery,   AL

Alcorn State University“Braves

Alcorn   State, MS

Univ. of Arkansas at Pine   Bluff“Golden Lions”

Pine   Bluff, AR

Grambling State University“Tigers”

Grambling,   LA

Jackson State University“Tigers”

Jackson,   MS

Mississippi Valley State   University“Delta Devils”

Itta   Bena, MS

Prairie View A&M University“Panthers”

Prairie   View, TX

Southern University & A&M   College“Jaguars”

Baton   Rouge, LA

Texas Southern University“Tigers”

Houston,   TX”


NNPA Chairman Campbell, Jr. said, “The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the NNPA has agreed to with Texas Southern University and the SWAC Conference is monumental. This agreement displays NNPA’s commitment to young African American students and our pledge to reach out to the next generation of leaders. It is only the beginning of The Black Press and Historically Black Colleges and Universities joining forces to ensure that the legacy of both organizations. As our future leaders find their niche and make history, the NNPA will be there to record it.”

Former President of Bennett College Dr. Julianne Malveaux said, “This is a good thing that NNPA is doing. I only wish that you could have gotten started earlier. The students will benefit from this opportunity.”  Ellis Robinson said, “This is an opening to do more with young readers of all media platforms that emanates from an idea of my late husband, Lona1 Robinson who had a vision of expanding what we did at the Houston Sun to NNPA by working the HBCU conferences through sports and subsequently the editorial side of the business. I am delighted that Chairman Campbell gave the nod so that the HBCU committee of Henry, Hampton and Shannon Williams, Indianapolis Recorder could make it happen. A special note of appreciation is extended to our TSU partners of VP Wendy Adair who lead the effort for TSU with the support of Eva Scott and her staff” Ellis Robinson concluded, “I know that this will make a positive difference.”

“It is my hopes and aspirations that this initiative between the NNPA and HBCUs will be the umbilical cord that keeps the Black Press alive, vibrant and successful in telling our own story and pleading our own cause!” said, Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Dean James Ward, Texas Southern University School of Communication is ready to get started and so is NNPA Editor George Curry. Conversations have begun to execute the implementation process as the agreement activates in the spring semester of 2014.

Dr. Rudley and Chairman Campbell signed the MOU in front of the NNPA membership and a standing room only crowd at the W Hotel during the NNPA Annual Leadership Reception in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference.

Excerpts from the MOU


NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby agreed by and between the HBCU Texas Southern University and NNPA as follows:


To ensure the success of the project the roles and responsibilities each organization are set below:


Resources HBCU and TSU will contribute to the project either through time, in-kind

contribution  by supplying interns from the Department of Communication and the TSU Jesse H. Jones School of Business who will learn the media business and train as writers, photographers, distribution management, designers, event development sales and marketing  training. Interns will be engaged in in the editorial, public relations, visual arts, print, digital and social media platforms along with special event development and implementation.

Representatives of the NNPA planning and development team who will be responsible for

planning, developing, and implementing project activities as they will work with TSU to provide the following services: establishment of a News Wire services for students who can post media for print, digital and social media platforms together and work with project staff. NNPA staff will pledge to cover and publish the University’s events for posting through individual publications or via pooling for posting and editing by the NNPA editor.


The parties will expressly demonstrate a commitment on the part of all partners to work together to achieve stated project goals and to sustain the project.


NNPA will provide supervision, access for students, media credentials as needed, training and guidance in the editorial, public relations, visual arts, and print, digital and social media platforms.